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"Diabetes diet diabetes grocery lists and diabetic recipes!"
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Diabetes Recipes:
Diabetes recipes, menus, grocery lists & nutrition facts.

  • Weekly diabetes recipes and diabetes menus based on specific caloric needs,
  • Grocery lists accompanying each diabetes menu so you can plan ahead buying the necessary foods for the week,
  • Menu analysis for every recipe (carbohydrates, fat, protein, calories, daily totals considering caloric needs) ~ menus created specifically for people with diabetes,
  • Prepared by professional diabetes educators,
  • Membership allows access to our database of diabetes articles, a diabetes log for recording your blood sugars, previous weekly tips, and our Diabetes Food Picker which provides an analysis of over 6,000 foods!
  • Menus are e-mailed weekly and can also be accessed anytime by logging in to DiabetesPlanner.com. Weekly diabetes menus include complete daily meals & snacks based on the calories specified. There's no calculations needed on your part (our Certified Diabetes Educator staff has already done the nutrition analysis and provides these Nutrition Facts with every meal). Specified calories can be changed at anytime.
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Diabetes recipes includes diabetes grocery lists diabetes menus and nutrition facts for those diagnosed with diabetes. Menus are prepared by professional diabetes educators and e-mailed weekly. Weekly diabetes menus follow specified diabetes grocery lists diabetes recipes and nutrition analysis.

Diabetes care is specific and all of the information on the DiabetesPlanner.com website may not apply to you. Our diabetes diet diabetes grocery lists diabetes recipes and other diabetes information are not intended to replace professional medical advice. Always check with your physician prior to starting a new diet or exercise program.